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Sports Broadcasting

Ann Schatz2X Inc has worked extensively with several networks in securing long-term contracts for established and rising sports broadcasters in many different sports avenues. We have worked with ESPN, CSTV (now CBS College Sports Network), and Fox Sports Net to name a few, for the past 10 years. If you are interested in entering the sports broadcasting field, we would love to assist you in your transition behind the desk and on the mic!
Ann Schatz


We work with coaches in the WNBA, NCAA & Internationally.  We also have a very strong affiliation with John Meadows in the NCAA college coaching arena.  Contract negotiations, Job Placement, Speaking Opportunities & follow thru / support are some of the Bo Overtonservices you can expect from 2X. 

Bo Overton: 
CBA's LiaoNing Hengye Basketball; WNBA Chicago Sky; Oklahoma Sooners


We have worked for several years in the billiards industry and have established connections with the WPBA as well as numerous Karen Corrsponsors throughout the industry. Billiards is getting more and more television time and is moving in the right direction with their fan base. Endorsements, like with any female sport, are hard to come by, but the ever increasing popularity and exposure should lead into more and more sponsorship opportunities. Please visit Karen Corr and Julie Kelly

Snow Sports

Rossignol logoWinter snow sports are increasing popularity each year. There are several endorsement opportunities for the elite winter athlete. We have negotiated deals with ski companies, eyewear, apparel and resorts, to name a few. 

Fishing & Hunting

Outdoor sporting...a great example of how 2X can negotiate sponsorship contracts regardless of the sport! The Honorable Julie Mogenis has her own televised hunting show "Hunting with the Judge". She also works very closely with the Armed Forces Hunting with the JudgeFoundation & owns and operates Third Eye Guide's and Outfitters.  She has an amazing story...is highly endorsable Bass logoand a great motivational speaker. Please visit: Hunting with the Judge 
Janet Parker is on the Women's Bassmaster Tour where she has rapidly become a top performer.  She is also very involved in the Armed Forces Foundation. She has several sponsorships both within and outside the fishing industry.Please visit: Janet Parker Fishing

Body Building & Fitness

Karen Miller2X works with Karen Miller, Ms. Pro Natural Universe WNBF (2001) & Ms Pro Natural International WNBF(2002). Karen is currently competing in the WNBF; is an author of a cookbook and several regularly published articles in National Bodybuilding Magazines, is a Promoter, Teacher, Judge, Spokesperson, Consultant and Teacher. Please visit: Karen Miller We also work with fitness competitors & models. Stacey Buhr is an up and coming model in the fitness industry.   

Golf, Tennis, Track & Field, Etc

Although 2X Inc predominately works with the basketball athlete, we are very experienced in negotiating contracts Nikeregardless of the sport. Basketball is the sport that "opened our doors". Representing an athlete is the same process regardless of what the sport is. Whether you play golf, tennis, soccer, billiards, run track, cycle, surf or ski, (and the list goes on!) you can still benefit from representation and promotion. It is always difficult to promote yourself, and it usually doesn't look too good to a potential sponsor to "toot your own horn".  

2 X Inc. will help promote you and look after your best interests regardless of your sport. Please feel free email or call our office at any time.

Jeanne McNulty KingJeanne McNulty King
2X Inc. is a full service agency that is dedicated to provide to its clients, with the client being the top priority and holding their best interests at heart, effective and personal representation that is readily accessible, holds true to its basic philosophies and principles, maintains a high level of professionalism, operates with the utmost integrity and is committed to excellence.