Prohoops Free Agent Camp

January 2, 2020

ProHoopsProhoops, run by Linda Hargrove & Jessie Kenlaw  will host their 11th annual free agent camp, Saturday April 4th at Reilly Recreation Center on the Tulane University Campus, during the Women's Final Four.  Prohoops is arguably the best free agent camp for exposure into the WNBA & foreign coaches and scouts are increasing in attendance every year as well.  Linda, Jessie and Crystal offer a uniquely competitive, well organized and efficiently run camp that is  highly attended by coaches and scouts.  They also run an All-Star game at the end where the WNBA coaches pick the players they wish to more of.   It is invitation only, which keeps the quality high...but I think I know someone that can help with a referral (hint hint).  Click here to sign is limited.

Jeanne McNulty KingJeanne McNulty King
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