Every player's dream is to get to the top. The WNBA is just that and has tremendous momentum behind it. WNBAAside from playing the most competitive basketball in the world, you get to do it here in the USA! Several of the WNBA players play overseas as well so they get the best of both worlds, so to speak!   Getting into the WNBA is not easy however as it is the most elite league in the world.  see WNBA  

When is the draft and how do I get considered?

draftedThe draft follows the Final Four by about a week...changes all the time. The "combine" was an invitation only camp that the WNBA put on prior to the draft. The drafted athletes typically came from the combine. This has been eliminated due to financial reasons. Now the WNBA does extensive scouting throughout the year and chances are, if you are WNBA caliber, they will contact your coach. There are, however, several athletes that can slip through the cracks, especially mid-major schools. This is where your coach and his or her contacts become very important (see Coaches Corner). Don't pay much attention to the websites of predicted draft boards and especially the lists of players for the draft as that is just someones opinion...the coaches are the only ones that know who they are going to draft, aside from obvious exceptions!  If you are not a drafted athlete then your only way of making a roster is to come into training camp as a free agent. Teams usually have a few spots open after Swanthe draft, but it is tight. You need to get on a free agent list (your agent can do this for you) and possibly get to an exposure camp to be seen.  Some WNBA teams hold a tryout camp...make sure they actually have roster spots open tho :-) Either way, it is a great experience. Your agent can also help you with this. The 15 person roster is gradually cut down throughout training camp and finally reduced to a minimum of 11 players / maximum of 12 players for the season opener. Some teams have tryouts so you need to have someone (an agent or coach) that can get you seen. Most teams will bring players in for individual workouts prior to the submission of their free agent list. This is at the player's expense, but well worth it if you earn a spot on the team!

What about all of the additional camps that I receive letters about?

There are usually a few assessment camps that are advertised to athletes providing them the opportunity to "be seen" by WNBA and foreign scouts. Some of these camps are very credible and you and your basketballagent should assess if this is a good option for you. If you are not an obvious draft pick, it may be a great place to get your name out. Make certain that the camp is put on by professionals and isn't just an agency looking to sign athletes. Linda Hargrove of Prohoops puts on a great free agent camp during the Final Four. click here

How do I get into the WNBA if I am a foreign player and live overseas?

BevThe best situation is to have an agent with great connections and get the coaches and scouts to see you!  It is tougher for international players as they may not be as familiar with your abilities as they did not have the opportunity to watch you play collegiate ball.  Most teams travel overseas scouting and your agent could facilitate them seeing you play.  If that is not possible, your agent should get film to the teams and keep them updates with your progress and try to get you drafted or invited to a training camp.

What if I don't make it into the WNBA?

If you are interested in playing overseas, this is the best way to gain the exposure and the international experience to help you get into the WNBA next season, not to mention all of the other great experiences you may have while in another country! 



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