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Do you think you could play professionally, but need some help from your coach? Coach, do you have a player that you think could play professionally? Read on for helpful advice to take your game or your player to the next level! CoaleCollege coaches can play an instrumental role in helping an athlete get to the next level upon the completion of their eligibility. Most coaches have relationships already established with teams or agents and can really help promote their athlete.If an athlete, in your opinion, has the ability to compete in the WNBA, then it is really important to try and get them exposure. This is especially important for athletes from smaller institutions that don't receive as much visibility. The WNBA does a very good job of scouting throughout the year, but if you or your athlete have not been contacted by them, you may consider giving the WNBA a call and sending them the information, an invite to a game and some film from the year. The WNBA used to have an invition only combine but that has been eliminated. Please consider sending your athlete to a reputable exposure camp that is well attended by WNBA and/or international scouts. Linda Hargrove and Jessie Kenlaw of Prohoops hold a great camp during the Final Four.  Other camps usually present during the year that can provide your athlete with added exposure. If an athlete is interested in participating in one of these camps, just make sure that it is a legitimate camp with plenty of professional scouts in attendance, and not one that an agent is just using to make money or pick up clients!!  Fenn Bolte A coach can also act as a screen for the athlete during the season, as many agents try to contact players directly. I recommend that the coach be the point person, as the athlete and the team have their season as their priority, and do not need to be bothered or concerned with agents at this time! If there is no contact with agents prior to the end of the athletes eligibility, then there can never be any questions about NCAA violations. A lot of the schools have the agents deal with another point person such as a athletic director, which can also allow the coach to focus more on the season. Facebook has been a blessing and curse in the recruiting game as agents can contact your athletes without you having any idea. Just make sure your athlete is well versed on the do's and dont's and let them know there is plenty of time for agents after the season :-)

Jeanne McNulty KingJeanne McNulty King
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