"Jeanne is everything you want in an agent. She is dependable, available, and always honest. She listens to what I want not only in a basketball situation but also in a social situation and location. Another aspect that Jeanne brings to the table that other agents lack is always being reachable. Whenever I have a situation that needs to be handled, Jeanne is right on top of it. I am not sure I would have enjoyed my professional career for as long as I have without Jeanne as my agent. When asked by other players for recommendations on an agent, Jeanne is the only person I bring up. She genuinely cares for her players and wants to see them succeed and be happy."  Danielle Page (Nebraska 2008; Serbian National Team 2015)


"Working with Jeanne has been an amazing experience. You can tell she really puts her players first and always has their best interests at heart. She's very easy to work with because of how hard she works and how well she communicates with her players. I never have trouble getting ahold of her which is nice when I've heard stories about other players not being able to get ahold of their agent. She's easy to get along with making you feel more comfortable in your relationship with her. If I had to go back and make the decision all over again I would no doubt make the same choice in choosing Jeanne."


Kelly Miller"Jeanne is an agent who truly cares about her players. She is hard working, honest, and has always had my best interest at heart. She has great connections overseas to various countries which has enabled me to have many opportunities in my career that I may not of otherwise had. I have really enjoyed working with Jeanne throughout my career!" Kelly Miller - (Georgia 2001)


Ketia Swanier"A dependable agent who truly cares and is passionate for their clients is hard to come across in any business. This agent not only has your career in their hands, but they also carry your trust through the difficult and successful moments throughout the years. I have had the opportunity to work with a very special person who has given me the confidence about my future decisions in my career as early as the transitioning from college into my professional career. Jeanne has been my agent for my entire pro career and I am very appreciative for all that she has done for me. She has shown my best interest at heart for my career and my well-being. Jeanne’s genuine guidance has allowed me to move forward in my career and has definitely made my job easier. Jeanne, your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed, Thank You!"  Ketia Swanier - (Atlanta Dream)


Nicole Ohlde"Jeanne has been dependable and professional throughout my entire professional career. Having someone of her character has been crucial during my transition from college to the professional level. Her enthusiasm and ability to maintain everything behind the scenes allows me to focus on the important day to day expectations from my team." - Nicole Ohlde - (Kansas 2004)


Coco Miller"Jeanne has been tremendous to work with throughout my career. It was important for me to have an agent with lots of overseas contacts and one in which I feel comfortable to talk to. She is always looking out for my best interest. Jeanne has given me great opportunities playing overseas and in the WNBA. She continues to work hard for me everyday, and I couldn't ask for anything more." Coco Miller - (Georgia 2001)


Brittainey RavenIn Jeanne, I know that I have an agent that genuinely cares about me and my career. I've heard stories of players not being able to get in contact with their agent, but with Jeanne, that's never the case. She always makes herself available for her clients. She makes it a priority to work hard to find me the best opportunities in the market...and I'm confident and excited in continuing to work with her in the future."  Brittainey Raven (Texas 2010)


Dionnah Jackson"Jeanne, AKA Jbean, has really helped me progress in my basketball career. She is one of the very few agents that cares about what happens to you after you sign a contract. I've been with jeanne for 2 1/2 years and she has worked for me everyday! She listens to what I want and puts me in places that fit not only professionally but personally. She always makes herself available and is very dependable, which you don't always find. The one thing I most appreciate about jeanne is how personable she is which keeps me confident that she has my best interest in mind. In this profession it is very important to have confidence in your agent and her in you!!!! Jbean is simply the best!!!!!" Dionnah Jackson (Oklahoma 2005)


Jackie Stiles"I have been working with Jeanne since 2001 and she has been absolutely tremendous to work with. She has a true passion for athletics and it shows in the quality of service she provides her clients. You will not find a more passionate, hard working, honest, caring and knowledgable sports agent out there. I strongly recommend hiring Jeanne, if you want someone to maximize your potential both on and off the playing field." - Jackie Stiles   


“Many people don't realize the benefits of following their gut intuition until the opportunity has passed. I can say that I was a victim of this concept, but luckily a second chance only left me with the life lesson to always trust my initial intuition. When I first met Jeanne, her warm genuine endearment intrigued me to hire her on the spot as my agent. She possessed everything that I Nikki Bluewanted in an agent, however when the time came for me to officially appoint someone to this job, I ignored all my internal feelings and resorted to committing to an agency suggested to me by influential people. Ultimately that agency didn't pan out to be the right place for me, and I was instantly in a predicament of being without an agent and a job. I contacted Jeanne and told her my situation and with the same endearment and warmth as the first time I met her, she welcomed me into her agency family and immediately got me a great deal on a team in Europe during the WNBA off-season.

It's not often that you will find an agent with a great clientele, numerous connections with various countries, someone known and respected in the basketball world, and a genuinely good person all in one. With Jeanne I have found that there is much more to an agent player relationship than just a contract and money. It is essential that the player feels comfortable and more importantly that she knows that she has someone that is going to work for her and always have her best interest at heart. I can honestly say that Jeanne has been the perfect agent for me!” - Nikki Blue (UCLA 2006; UNLV Asst. Coach)


Sherri Coale"Jeanne has been a fantastic fit for our players. She's honest, hard working, has great contacts globally, and maybe most importantly, she is personable. Our players like her, they lean on her, and she becomes an integral figure in their lives." Sherri Coale (Oklahoma Sooners)


Bill Fennelly"Jeanne is the consummate professional and just as importantly a very dear friend. She does a tremendous job for players at a critical time when they are transitioning between college and a professional career. As a college coach I take great pride in doing all I can to help my players succeed on and off the court---I truly believe Jeanne has the same philosophy when working with players. I have the ultimate confidence in her and I will always encourage my players to use her outstanding services." -  Bill Fennelly - (Iowa State)


Mike Divilbiss“Life is measured by the people and relationships that come in and out of our lives. The single most important factor in those relationships is  trust. Having coached collegiate women’s basketball for 27 years one understands the importance of trust. I trust Jeanne McNulty-King with my players. As a coach recommending to our players who will take care of them best in their professional lives, Jeanne is second to none.  Jeanne cares about people and she will go the extra mile for her clients. She knows from her own experiences what players need from a quality agent to make their professional experience all they dream of.” - Mike Divilbiss (Associate Head Coach, Illinois)


Charli Turner Thorne "Jeanne McNulty-King is everything you could possibly want in a Sports Agent.  A tremendous player in her day, Jeanne truly has a great appreciation for Women's Basketball.  She is the most connected and most well-respected person that I know in her Industry."  - Charli Turner Thorne - (Arizona State)


Kristi Currie"Jeanne really cares about her clients as people and treats them as family.  She has a tremendous passion for making sure each client is put in the best position to be successful.  She's accessible, experienced, and has a great work ethic.  She's  at the top of her game and a proven  winner when it comes to the agent world!" - Kristy Currie - (Texas Tech)



Ann Meyers-Drysdale"Jeanne McNulty-King is a caring and hard working agent.  She gets the best for her clients and is constantly interacting with the pro teams to find the right fit for her players.  We have had several of her players play for the Phoenix Mercury and it has always been an easy transition." - Ann Meyers Drysdale - (VP Phoenix Mercury)


Dan Hughes"Jeanne does an excellent job of representing the players in all the ways that benefit their career and also their development as professionals. She has always developed professional relationships that continue to mature positively whether it is with players she represents or the teams she deals with."  - Dan Hughes - (GM & Head Coach San Antonio )


Kelly Krauskopf"Jeanne represents her players and her business with great integrity and professionalism. She has a good feel for the League and the teams. She also truly cares about her players and their future. I always know that she will deal with me in an upfront and honest manner." - Kelly Krauskopf (GM Indiana Fever)


Linda Hargrove“The thing I really like about Jeanne is that she sincerely cares about her players. She tries to do what is right for them and always keeps the lines of communication open. The players that she represents on the Washington Mystics seem extremely happy with the job that she does for them.” - Linda Hargrove


Jeanne McNulty KingJeanne McNulty King
2X Inc. is a full service agency that is dedicated to provide to its clients, with the client being the top priority and holding their best interests at heart, effective and personal representation that is readily accessible, holds true to its basic philosophies and principles, maintains a high level of professionalism, operates with the utmost integrity and is committed to excellence.