Italy 2011

November 19, 2011

mebecOctober 2011....what an amazing trip to Italy for the opening tourney on the coast in Cervia!italy dinner  It was so nice to spend time with my partners Lorenzo Gallotti (Italy) and Sebastien Dekeirel (France) and of course my girls Nicole Ohlde, Shamela Hampton, Jillian Harmon & Becca Tobin!  3 days in Cervia allowed for several meetings with presidents, coaches, managers and to finally meet in person Stefano Pennestri from Pool Comense:-)  I also had the chance toriva
visit Shannon McCallum in Riva, Switzerland and meet Filippo Randazzo after years of working together!  The country was beautiful, hospitality fabulous and the pasta and wine magnificant!!  (easily put on 5 pounds tho!!)  

florenceOf course had to squeeze in some time for play that took me to Rome to see the sites...the Vatican and St. Peter's Cathedral were breathtaking.  Florence and Tuscany proved to be everything I had heard and more...and our Tuscan wine tour surpassed all expectations...except I had to buy a suitcase to get home my olive oil, honey, wine and of course beautiful leather coat and purse from Florence!!!wine barrel

Jeanne McNulty KingJeanne McNulty King
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